Wednesday, May 7, 2008

305 Makes the jump to Feature Film!

I think you should definitely check out these young filmmakers that created the "305". They actually created the first viral video to ever be made into a full-length feature film. It is a parody of "300" that was made for an Mtv short film contest and ended up becoming a huge success on YouTube and MySpace with over 4 million hits to date.

Check out the 305 Website!

The Holechek brothers are the two young filmmakers and every interview and appearance I have seen them and the actors in has been very entertaining and hilarious. The Hollywood Reporter is running a story tomorrow about them. Could mark a sea change in the way new filmmakers enter the industry and find success. This is the first viral video to be made into a feature length film and find distribution through Kerry McCluggage's Allumination FilmWorks.

They have already played some major festivals and they are featured on A&E under their Indie Film banner through the Palm Beach Film Festival.

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