Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Credit Card Executive Geniuses

I don't know if anyone else has received a notice from their credit card companies recently regarding a credit line decrease on their credit cards with a balance, but I did. I notice that had I not paid over my minimum payment as I usually do, the decrease was so close to my current balance it would have been over the new credit line on my next statement. This of course would have triggered the' over-the-limit' fee of $25-$50 and caused a huge payment due on my next statement. Keep in mind this notice was given after my payment due date and before my next statement and placed in effect between those dates as well.

Pretty slick for some scumbag credit card executive trying to earn an extra bonus — probably off the back of a US taxpayer. The credit card was an Apple iTunes Rewards card from Juniper Credit Services that I originally got to buy an Apple computer. I ended up saving up and paying cash for the computer instead and I decided to keep the credit card for emergencies. Well, I did have an emergency and thank goodness I had my card on me. Of course it involves another screwed up system here in the states known as healthcare. After my dentist got me started on my treatment with novocaine he walked out to his reception area and disappeared. The next face I saw was the kindly Barabazon Institute graduate helping doctors with patients shoving a bill in my face and saying I had to cough up about $1500 before the doctor would continue. This was worse than a car dealer. I mean I thought that was why I had insurance?!!! (insurance coverage is a true oxymoron in the US)

Luckily, I had my emergency Apple Credit card on me to pay the deposit until my insurance paid them. So I carried a balance on this card from about September through January when I received the letter notifying me of the credit line decrease. I made every payment on time and for usually at least double the minimum payment if not more every month. I also didn't receive the reimbursement from the doctor of the "deposit" until January, which was perfect timing. I paid the entire balance off and as soon as it was verified on Junipers system and recorded, I immediately called them and gave them a piece of my mind and cancelled my account.

Thank heaven I received the money back and was able to pay the balance off and that I was able to pay more than the minimum balance. If I hadn't, this new trick that some pencil dick executive at Juniper came up with to basically loan shark some poor sap out of what little money they have could entangle someone who does make minimum payments into an even longer sentence of debt. After the charges for the over-the-limit fee and all that, that person could end up owing double or triple what that person would normally owe monthly. I don't about you, but I live on a budget that can be pretty tight at times and I know many that are on even tighter budgets. With all this financial turmoil lately, I know many more will be one hospital visit, paycheck or accident away from the streets.

Makes me wonder what kind of douche bag you have to be to unfairly and criminally try squeeze another nickel out of someone who clearly doesn't have a nickel to spare. I guess you have to be a Juniper Credit Services Executive to reach that level of scum. At one point, I really worry that my country with its majestic history of rebellion towards tyranny will rise up again against these recent heinous injustices inflicted upon its citizenry by these executive 'fat cats' under TARP. The use of our tax dollars to pad their coffers just makes me want to go and collect my share of those tax dollars back from those executive scum myself. After all, history shows us that those in power use the prison of debt to keep the majority at bay and feeling hopeless and unwilling to vote or take any action against tyrannous authority. King George thought he had the colonists under his thumb using this tool though heavy taxation (without representation), but he didn't count on the likes of Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Washington, Paine and the rest of our brilliant forefathers. Maybe it is time we all take action, make our forefathers proud once more and free ourselves from the tyranny of these scumbag executives and their entire class structure. Maybe just maybe.

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