Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bread, Butter, Cheese, Victory! - 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational

Today I am off to a land filled with melted goodness, fat-filled fun, gooey globs of glory and deep yellow mountains of flavor. A land I call "Heavy Heaven." Of course, I am speaking of the "1st 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational." Oddlly enough, it all started in little old LALA Land, home to the anorexic waitstaff/actors, ultra-thin, silicon-filled Playboy Bunnies and Biggest Loser Ranch. A Los Angeles (not Wisconsin) tradition that began humbly in the kitchen of LA resident, Tim Walker, and has spread nationwide over the last seven years. The festival centers around a competition between amateur and professional chefs to create the ultimate Grilled Cheese Sammich. Being a chubby curd-lover, I can't wait to partake in the cheese fest.

I will have more to come on the event (photos, too) and how the recent media buzz has changed the event from the previous year........

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