Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Texas GOP Says No To Gay Marriage, But Yes To Public Teabagging!

Once again the GOP has impressed me with their stupid antics. What would seem like a valid protest against taxation to draw the independent and libertarian votes back to the GOP turns into what could be the most comical thing since the Minnesota airport sex scandal (See 'Log Cabin Republican Agenda in Minnesota '). It is really sad since the GOP does need to rally together now more than ever with their party splintering over the last few months. I understand this is important to any political party, but wouldn't it be better to really think it through and rally behind something more concrete than a call to 'teabag the folks in Washington, D.C'?

I can't understand how out of touch with culture you have to be to insight people to 'teabag' and not laugh & think to yourself, "Wait, did I just tell people to teabag? And teabag in public?" Unless the idea is to make fun of yourself thereby making the GOP feel a little more inclusive and allow more people to embrace the party, but I doubt that was the plan. After all, Glenn Beck is leading the pack (or PAC) on this one.

It's funny, the Boston Tea Party was to voice opposition to taxation without representation. Well, last I heard we do have representation in the congress (except Minnesota which is missing a Senator). Seems more like a protest against the current administration in general without actually having the grit to come out and say it. Why not just come out and say that? Why link it to taxation without representation and make it this circus? Where is the stoicism and the intelligence of the party of Lincoln?

No taxation without representation was a fair argument made by our forefathers. Don't spoil it with this rhetoric-filled politico carnival about what is really a difference in political philosophy to the current problems we are facing in this country. This is not about the right to representation or any kind of civil rights movement for that matter.

Besides that, why are we protesting about taxes against an administration that is not responsible for the current tax laws and tax due today April 15th, 2009? An administration that in their stimulus actually cut the withholdings on 70% of American's paychecks so most Americans would have a little extra money in their pockets every week this year. Even the unemployment checks have an extra $10 - $25 a week less in taxes taken out. This administrations economic policies, tax cuts and their spending is going to gradually come to play late in the year and total taxes due for the year won't be affected until the 2010 tax season ending in April 2011. The current 2009 tax laws and regulations were already in place previous to their transition into power. It doesn't make sense to protest taxes today, when the current administration is not really responsible for tax codes until 1-2 years from today. Especially when you are actually angry about the "spending" and some major political differences. Why not rally around that and why wasn't this large effort done before the vote in the congress on the budget and the stimulus? A stimulus, by the way, that benefits each and every one of the 50 states, which brings me to Texas.

Besides Fox, the current governor of Texas and the Texas GOP is the most vocal in this teabag movement and Texas was the epicenter with the all day coverage on Fox at the Alamo. Now if you look at the numbers, Texas is pretty damn well represented. Texas gets 88 cents on every Federal tax dollar it pays every year (88% returns to Texas) compared to Minnesota who is still minus one senator at about 46 cents on every tax dollar (only 46% returns to Minnesota). Hell, some other states only see 42 cents on the dollar and below. The Texas Governor is also calling for action short of secession from the US with a signed statement in Texas on April 9 declaring Texas' sovereignty. Although he won't go so far as to actually use the word "secession", many at the rallies in Texas carried signs stating just that.

I wonder why the Texas Governor won't use the "S" word. I think he knows very well that as much as he hates the Feds, the Feds have saved his behind quite a bit over the last year on everyone else's dime. Starting with the assistance and federal funding Texas received for its numerous natural disasters over the course of the last two years including the recent wildfires that tore through Texas and let's not forget the aid the governor requested and received to take care of problems on the border last month. But the biggest hypocrisy of all is the 1 Billion Dollars in Federal stimulus that the Governor is more than happy to take from the government. The very stimulus he was rallying against at his public teabagging ceremony today.

Maybe this weekend there should be more rallies. But these rallies should be against the hypocrites like our Texas Governor. I think the other 49 states should rally around removing Texas' funding unless they repeal their views on sovereignty and declare their intent to remain in the union once and for all. Let's bring an end to that silly revolt Sam Houston started all those years ago that seems to creep out of the cracks of crazytown every few years in Texas.

If they really honestly hate all this spending and see it as wasteful, then it won't matter that we cut their part of the stimulus. Why would they want that blood money anyway? They can have their sovereignty and learn to live on their own means. WE, the other 49, can divide the 1 Billion among our states. While we are at it, we could call the rallies Douche Bag Rallies and incite everyone to join together (not secede) and start Douche Bagging!

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