Thursday, June 18, 2009

After The Warming Ep. 1&2 (1989) - The Original 'Inconvenient Truth'

I finally found it on the web!

I remember when this aired in 1989. It was really interesting and if you can see past some of the variances in timing and some exaggeration in the data (seems to look for worst case scenario in his reporting and believes in mankind a little too much), it is pretty good prognosticating on the part of one of the top prognosticators, James Burke, of Connections fame. This is the full two part series that they aired in 1989. I remember the marketing behind it saying that they was no point in airing it beyond 1989, since if we didn't make the changes they suggest it would all need to be reworked and it might even be too late. Very gloom and doom on the marketing a la Bill Murray in Scrooged. Overall, a very interesting piece of history that leaves you wondering why this did not create the buzz the Inconvenient Truth did....

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