Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Amendment At Work - A moment in Crazy

This is why I love the USA, even the most extreme get their 15 minutes so we can see them warts and all and make a decision about with whom we wish to identify. Asking God's forgiveness for electing a Muslim to congress? Really?!?!?

"...We produce more porn films than Hollywood produces regular movies!"

It almost sounded like that one woman was advertising LA-based porn.

I was waiting for her to call out a URL to go to...

"Father in Heaven, please forgive for producing the most extreme, vile, and demented porn on the internet. Remember, Lord, that was! Go there now and smite them at"

I love when someone obviously addicted to porn gets up and projects their problem on the rest of an entire city. Besides it's not LA that is the capital of porn, it is the suburbs of Chatsworth, Reseda and Woodland Hills that are the capital of porn. Wasn't she paying attention during Boogie Nights?

I also love when people expressing their rights to freedom of religion say something bigoted like, "... and Minnesota holds the responsibility for placing the first Muslim in Congress and for that, Lord, we repent..."

This completely nullifies the very thing they are expressing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Everyone should watch this so that we can all realize why Jefferson's "Wall of Separation" is so vital and important to our Constitution and to our individual liberties.

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