Friday, August 27, 2010

The Daily Show - Tennessee No Evil

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Tennessee No Evil
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Another classic Daily Show. This show is too funny.

FYI - Unbelievable as it is, Laurie Cardoza-Moore is a real person not an actress and not a character made up for this sketch. She is a staunchly pro-Israel advocate with ties to the 700 Club and CBN and is the president of Proclaiming Justice To The Nations. On one hand she is calling for not only tolerance of Judaism, but a call for all Christians to take action to fight any persecution of Isreal or Judaism — even with your life. Then she turns around and preaches intolerance and bigotry when it comes to any other religion other than her own and Judaism. She is defending one religion from bigotry, while denouncing another with bigotry. Religious hypocrisy at its best. I guess in internet terms that's a Christianity Fail and an Atheism Win.

UPDATE: There was a fire on the property suspected of arson the weekend of August 28, 2010 which put everyone in the community at risk. Mufreesboro Fire Department said accelerants were used to start the blaze. Guess these "religious" nuts (Laurie and her friend Pat Robertson) can't wait for the end of the world to come, so they incite others to start it ASAP.

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