Monday, August 23, 2010

What Does Glenn Beck Really Believe?

In this clip below from 2006, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and conservative TV host Glenn Beck talk about making an effort to differentiate moderate Islam from its extremist elements. Much like we would do with Christianity or Judaism and its extremist elements. Both Beck and Rauf seem to be agreeing on the need to promote the moderate Islamic viewpoint and the need to remove all religious or apocalyptic extremist from any government policymaking. At one point, Beck gestures toward Imam Rauf when referring to the "good Muslims" who make up the "vast majority" of the Islamic faith.

Beck shares his belief that the final solution for radical Islam is to wipe out or "destroy" the radical Islamic extremist in order to remove what Beck calls a "cancer." Specifically, people like Ahmadinejad of Iran who is calling for an "Apocalypse" and fulfillment of the prophecy of the "12th Imam." He also mentions that Al-Sadr should not be "walking among us" as an example of what should be done to take care of the Islamic extremism. (Note: the Bush administration continually dealt with Al-Sadr on a diplomatic level and he remains alive and active in Iraqi politics to date.) Beck basically wants a surgical genocide of radical Islam.

Rauf takes a more cognisant, determined approach and calls for a solution at the root of the problem — we must remove the power of political decisions and government policy from the hands of the Islamic extremist and any other extremist religious movements in general across the globe. He is calling for secular governments and the separation of church & state. Rauf also reminds everyone that their is also an Evangelical Christian movement that is pushing for the Apocalypse in order to ensure its prophecy of the second coming of Christ. He calls this "dangerous" and Glenn Beck actually nods when Rauf brings this point up.

Why then is Glenn Beck now the leading critic of Imam Rauf? Why is he now painting Rauf as a terrorist front man and a fanatic extremist bent on the destruction of America? What are Beck's real motives? Beck agreed with Rauf in principle on many of the very same matters he is now criticizing. Beck had no problem with George W. Bush working with Imam Rauf as a goodwill ambassador between the US and the Middle East. Beck is now taking an extremist religious viewpoint and trying to apply it to policy purely as a political move. Beck is using the very behavior - religious extremism - for which surgical genocide was the only solution in his eyes in 2006. So would Beck see it as just if he suffered his own fate, since he is acting as a religious extremist? I think not.

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