Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is this what the next two years are going to be like?

Did you hear the latest? That bastard Obama is spending anywhere between $200 million and $2 billion per day on his trip to India?! How can he be so insensitive to what the voters stated cleary last Tuesday?!?!? Well, the reason for his clear disdain is because it is not true. Nothing I just said was true, but don't let Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Rep. Elect Michelle Bachman (R-Crazytown) know that.

I was watching the pundits and a newly reelected congresswoman who rode the Tea Party Wave two days ago on television (FOX & CNN) last two days. They were discussing President Obama's upcoming diplomatic trip to India. A trip to help secure a region where we are fighting two wars to solidify our relationship with a valuable strategic and trading partner. A trip that was postponed twice already to handle domestic policy.

Hannity in his mini-man voice was squealing about the logistics and the cost of this trip that had it been true would be an outrage. Hannity was chattering on about 34 warships and an aircraft carrier (FYI, 10% of our Navy), 3000 people with 807 rooms all staying at the most expensive hotel (the hotel he references only has 570 rooms total) and who knows what else they are spending. I am guessing that Hannity is a member of the Secret Service, since they don't disclose those vital logistics which means that any numbers or statistics he is rambling on about are completely made up.
Beck goes on the radio and starts whining about "34 warships!!" and stating that it will cost $2 billion per day! Later on his show, he says "some" are even saying the trip will cost $2 Billion a day! Well, that someone was him! He was the one who said it on his radio show earlier. He also goes on to insult the intelligence of the Secret Service and the frivolity of this trip to a region where our troops are in harms way everyday. Of course doing this in his usual slimy, backhanded way. Beck is such a putz.

Then the Rush starts blowing his fat windbag on the air about all the costs and how crazy it is... blah blah blah.... say it over and over until it's true. (even though it isn't.)

Some other blowhard on Fox Business (Eric Boeling) goes on and on about it and when someone asks where he heard that, he says, "it's out there, it's all over the internet!"

Then the record in my head skipped.

Really, the internet? I was waiting for the laugh track. That is one of the easiest laughs you can get in a sit-com or a comedy. If it's on the internet it must be true.

Is everyone at Fox and EIB a fool? Besides the fact that Bush and Cheney both went on similar trips during their administration and nothing was said by these guys because it is normal for our president to travel to meet face to face with our allies. Besides the fact that Beck and the Morons complained that he wasn't travelling to the region enough at the beginning of the year. Besides all that, are we to understand that Fox gets its facts from the internet without any kind of verification. That got Obama in big trouble not too long ago when they fired an employee without double checking something that some internet schmuck (Breitbart you know who you are) posted.

It is one thing for these pundits to report falsely, it is another for a House member to report this same line of bulls**t. Bachman is the queen of bats**t crazy, but now she might be the fourth highest leader of the Republican party as head of the Tea Party Caucus. She is someone in the government that people might assume has access to the Secret Service operations. She doesn't. No one except the Secret Service has complete access for a very good reason. She was on with Anderson Cooper spewing this latest conspiracy theory regarding this trip to India. Although she said it was 2000 people not 3000 and that it was 870 rooms not the 'reported' 807 rooms in a hotel that only has 570 rooms.

At least CNN still has some journalist. Cooper was immediately aware that there was no way that she could know any of this for a fact and when she finished he says,"Nobody really knows the cost, because for security reasons they (Secret Service) don't really disclose the cost (or sensitive logistics). So this idea that it is $200 million dollars or whatever is simply made up."

Bachman pauses and as usual doesn't blink (probably from the chip in her head downloading new material which is another conspiracy theory) and says, "Well, these are the numbers that have been coming out in the press."

AHA! The press which for Bachman means Fox, which as we know from above all led to something they found on the internet. So it must be true. (laugh track ensues)

Geoff Morell from the Pentagon commented on using 10% of the Navy for the trip as "comical" and dismissed it as "untrue." To put it in perspective, the war in Afghanistan costs about $190 million a day. The Hope Diamond would be valued in the $200 million range. You could purchase an entire NBA basketball team for that same price.

The source of the story comes from an anonymous, unverified source in another state government from India. Could be possible that it was 200 million Rupee (~$4.5million). Not bad considering it is for the security of our president in a hostile region. That was less than McCain's trip to Iraq after the surge. This unverified story was of course picked up by the Drudge Report and from there to the mouths of Hannity, Rush, Beck and Bachman. So, the Fox-Bachman comedy team marches on.

I guess this is what we have to look forward to for the next two years. I really hope that the voters that flooded the polls for change also wanted a sober realistic group of Republicans to enter the House and do something historic. It would really disappoint me if this is going to be just another two years of smear campaigning from them and no real work getting done to move our nation forward. I really worry since this is only 2 days after the election and Bachman & Friends have started already with the conspiracies that I can only assume will become the witch hunts as they excercise the subpoena powers of the House. At least I'll have lots to write about.

Well, I have to stop writing now. I have an important email to send my friend, the Nigerian prince who has a lucrative offer for me. I know I can trust him. I met him on the internet.

(Laugh track ensues)

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