Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Caramel Jar - Salted Caramels??

During my search for a perfect wedding treat for guests at my reception that did not involve the word "Jordan" or "Almond", I came across these surprisingly, scrumptious treats.

These are the most amazing caramels I have ever had. They are a mix between sweet and savory like no other. They are made with Madagascar vanilla and Fleur De Sel salt. According to the The Caramel Jar's site on Etsy, "they are rich, creamy - salty yet sweet and a truly luxurious treat! The Caramel Jar strives to create delicious caramels in small batches using Eco-friendly wrapping and as many organic/natural products as possible."

These delicious caramels are slow cooked in small batches. This produces a rich creamy color, flavor & texture like no other. The Caramel Jar can create and ship in 3 business days (except wedding favors). The Caramel Jar is a "GREEN" company, too! All the caramels are individually hand cut, then wrapped in natural parchment paper, and finally packaged in either an Eco-friendly recyclable mason jar or unbleached wax paper bag. The presentation is as perfect as the caramels themselves.

The caramels are handmade and packaged with care by hand by Nicole Ebbitt, founder of The Caramel Jar, and her staff. Nicole says in her bio, "I have to admit I have a love of food, all food, and have a weakness for things created out of cream, sugar and vanilla, specifically caramel! Thus, The Caramel Jar was born! I thought, why not create yummy delicious caramels the old fashioned way, while being gentle on our environment..."

You know with passion like that, it's gotta be good. The Caramel Jar features a small variety of gooey caramels — Vanilla, Fleur De Sel, Cinnamon Vanilla and Cashew. Custom ordering is available and Nicole and crew have a lot of creative ways to package these for your next party. They are perfect for weddings and will be the rave of the reception. They are also the perfect business gift or as a gift for anyone with a sweet tooth that you might know (including yourself!).

You can check out Nicole's creations and purchase them at:

The Caramel Jar Store on ETSY

You can follow The Caramel Jar on Twitter... Or become a fan of The Caramel Jar on Facebook!

Photos: © The Caramel Jar. All Rights Reserved.

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