Thursday, December 2, 2010

JACKHAMMER MASSACRE - Aaron Gaffey, Kyle Yaskin, Nadia Angelini, Trudy Kofahl, Jill Moore

Another homegrown gore flick destined to become a cult classic.

In horror, production value or even a script can sometimes hinder your long term notoriety and longevity — think of Army Of Darkness, the original Chainsaw Massacre, even the original Saw or Friday the 13th. Consider the long term success of other low-budge greats like Carver, Evil Dead, Hack!, Night Of The Living Dead (1968).

The Jackhammer Massacre from Lionsgate fits this bill to a tee. The premise is outrageous and almost impossible considering the tool of death is a jackhammer. The killer is possessed by crack so there is a nice anti-drug message for the kids. Definitely a winner for the horror genre. Check out Nadia Angelini as the 2x4 wielding damsel in distress. She's garnered a huge fan base in the Czech Republic from this film. Her other extremely gifted talent is her remarkable voice. Check her out by Clicking Here!

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