Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don Pedro's Restaurant & Bar - A Diamond In The Rough

Don Pedro's Restaurant & Bar is a terrific diamond-in-the-rough near Puerto Vallerta and just north of the luxurious Punta De Mita. If you are ever out that way don't miss all the fun and delicious food found at this rustic Mexican hotspot.

According to Don Pedro's website:

It all started in 1992 when two cousins from Los Angeles, Damien Porter and Nicholas Parrillo, headed South searching for prime surf and premier cuisine. The two culinary explorers stumbled upon a small village called Sayulita. Located in a jungle-clad bay with a consistent rivermouth break, Sayulita's serene natural beauty and the warm hospitality of the locals impressed the two travelers. They both decided to stay and thus a dream began to crystallize - to build a world-class restaurant on the beach of this little paradise. Many laughed just as they had at the Wright Bros. and told them it would never work. Damien and Nicholas persisted and finally built their dream and people came. In fact, for almost 15 years now they keep coming back to Don Pedro's.

Don Pedro's restaurant features a wide array of fine foods all well-presented. The flavors are savory and feature a fusion of influences from Mexico, the US and the Pacific. The dining area overlooks one of the most spectacular settings in all of Mexico. Set on the beach with thatched roofs and rustic Mexican decor, the entire experience is in a word, authentic. This small little shack on the beach is truly a Mexican treasure.

Be sure to check out the weddings section of Don Pedro's website if you are planning your nuptials anytime soon. They have a terrific outdoor event area perfect for any special event.

Their website also tells another story — How Damien and Nicholas give back to the community that has enriched their lives in so many ways.

From the onset of their experience in Sayulita, Damien and Nicholas have always believed in improving the quality of life for the locals who call this place home. They financed the restoration of the malecon and fortification of the beach area. They have repeatedly contributed to the development of the growing town's sewer system and financed upgrades to the local power grid. Most importantly, Don Pedro's has employed at least one member of every founding family of the village. Don Pedro's continues to be the largest employer in Sayulita.

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