Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glenn Beck Is Still A Douche

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Twitpic - Beck Fights The Violence With Gun

After all that's happened in AZ and all the lessons & goodwill that could come out of a tragedy like this, Glenn Beck has screwed the pooch with his inappropriateness once again. Will Beck never learn?

Glenn Beck's random image generator generates Glenn with a gun next to what was meant to be a positive audio message about ending violence. I know this was not meant to be the photo combined with this topic and the computer decides at random to place an image there, but you have to ask yourself why Glenn Beck has this photo in the rotation in the first place??

He is not a former police detective, combat-ready soldier or anything that would involve courage or dedication. He is an ex-morning zoo bozo with a show on FOX. Well, I hope this latest blunder should be the last straw for the American people . Glenn Beck is and will always remain a douche.

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