Monday, January 3, 2011

Greenhorn Gourmet - Who Is Holli Mayer?

What is the Greenhorn Gourmet? Who is Holli Mayer? And why can I not stop reading her delicious recipe blog?

Holli Mayer and the Greenhorn Gourmet are definitely something to watch for in 2011!

According to Holli Mayer's website, the "Greenhorn Gourmet is a website dedicated to people who want to learn to cook better, and are interested in a little more of an analytical, scientific approach to following a recipe." Greenhorn is usually meant for the everyday average joe who is at the entry level of building a new skill. The name was used in the world of the carney and went along with other terms like "rube." This is the position a majority of us find ourselves in when it comes to healthy, flavorful creations in the kitchen.

Holli Mayer appeals to the frustrated inner chef in all of us and does so by allowing us to live and learn through not only her successful recipe adventures, but through her failures as well (see marshmallow disaster).

"When I first started cooking all I possessed was a shoestring budget, a gas stove, and a little more free time. The rest came out of my descent into cooking obsession over the following years," says Holli in a cheerful tone, "It’s my hope that not only can I log my recipes and all my little tweaks I adjust them with, but to inspire others to get in their kitchen and try something new. I can’t explain the rush I get when I learn a new skill, but I want to share that feeling."

This spry San Diego native and student is a prominent leader in the local organic movement. Holli lives modestly in a small apartment with her fiance and occasional partner in culinary crime. All the more reason many young professionals and recent graduates can relate to Holli's quest for the perfect recipe.

"I think my cooking obsession started with being a poor college student. Why spend the money when I could recreate things at home for a fraction of the cost of buying it pre-made?," her first blog entry begins.

Holli started with various dinner foods, then expanded to pastas and breads, gaining badges of honor with cuts & burns, destroying kitchen utensils and developing a much better appreciation of the challenges faced in the kitchen. Holli wants to create a healthier kitchen for everyone within a reasonable budget. She thinks even the greenest greenhorn can create anything they've eaten at a restaurant with ease. She believes that anything processed or packaged is not insurmountably impossible to create from scratch. In fact, it should be created from scratch without all the harsh preservatives, chemicals, flavoring and who knows what else.

Holli Mayer's talents go beyond the kitchen. She is attaining a degree in chemistry and she is also a well-established illustrator and photographer. Holli is a true renaissance woman and an inspiration to aspiring cooks everywhere. Look out Julia, here comes Holli Mayer and the Greenhorn Gourmet!

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