Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011! - 2010 In Review...

The New Year has come and we welcome 2011. Last year was filled with politico drama, baseball miracles, talk shows turned activist and some delicious discoveries.

The first quarter of last year brought us Brit Hume telling Buddhist worldwide that they would not ever reach Nirvana, unless they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Then the most inappropriate and hilarious comedian, Ricky Gervais, made his appearance on Sesame Street paving the way for appearances of more controversial guests like Katie Perry later in the year. While we enjoyed food from Peter La Cava and King's Fish House, we were reminded of the necessity of seatbelts in an award-winning PSA.

February and March were filled with the antics of Rep. Feelgood, Eric Massa. The congressman who literally kept in touch with constituents and co-workers alike. Then we saw Kimmell bring us the Handsome Men's Club & the web-famous Trololo song to the masses and alternative versions popped up everywhere.

The second quarter launched the beginning of Jon Stewart's "Go F*** Yourself" themed jokes with a racist calling into C-Span to comment on their audience and content. It also brought us more zingers like Glenn Beck's battle with 'Nazi' Tourette's Syndrome by Lewis Black. We were horrified by the disaster in the gulf and the onslaught on nature. We witnessed Rep. Barton apologize to BP for the Gulf getting in the way of their oil and the president of BP America plea for us to stop complaining because he was tired and wanted to go back to his life of luxury. We saw a wave of anger swell over actually holding a company (a non-domestic one I might add) like BP responsible for their mistakes by the ever contradictory Tea Party (or the newly rebranded GOP). Somehow that Party reigned in the 2010 mid-term elections probably because America has amnesia.

During the Summer, Olivia Munn brought us contradictions from Arizona and John Oliver brought us the World Cup from South Africa in the unique way only he knows how. Let's not forget the hype around the iPhone 4!!

August was a hot month for all politicos with Glenn Beck and Victoria Jackson on full speed (meth?!?). There was the Daily Show in the middle of it all as usual calling out the media and Tennessee's ignorance.

September brought us the rally cries from the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Phil Davidson and the cutest baby ever. Conservatives made the same old pledge again and the guys at I.O.U.S.A. updated their movie and everyone should watch it.

And then to every Giants' fan everywhere came the gift of October. Baseball history was made with a terrific and long-awaited San Francisco Giants win in the World Series. Most important of all was the theme song created and made famous by Ashkon Davaran. Ashkon will continue to remain on the scene with more hits. We posted Ashkon's recent hit Snowglobe for Christmas.

November brought us two previews — the first glimpse at Cowboys And Aliens followed by the first glimpse at what the constant campaign in Washington might bring us the next two years with the Tea Party in the mix.

And December whisked in with the sweetness of delicious Salted Caramels from The Caramel Jar on Etsy and creative concoctions at the Local Peasant gastro-pub in Sherman Oaks. It also brought us the weekend visit to Alaska's Half-Governor, Sarah Palin, by Kate Gosselin.

So that about wraps it up. Thanks again to all our loyal readers and here's to our new readers as well. Remember to subscribe and add us to your favorites. Check out 2010's stories and keep coming by to check out the Killer Sausage in 2011!

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