Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Greenhorn Gourmet Special Report - Homemade "Pop Tarts"!

Mmmmmmm Pop Tarts®!

Everyone remembers the deliciously sweet taste of these early morning snacks, especially when you overslept and grabbed them on the run. What you didn't remember was all the preservatives and flavorings needed to make them taste the way they do. Imagine if there was an easy way to have these treats homemade with fresh, flavor-filled ingredients and none of the processing additives from the factory. Well, thanks to the Greenhorn Gourmet, that day has arrived!

Let the salivating begin!

A tart is basically a miniature pie and can easily be made by anyone and for anyone from a person with no allergies/dietary restrictions, to a vegan or even someone who can't eat gluten. All with simple substitutions — a simple butter substitute for the vegan or lactose intolerant and a simple flour substitute like Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour for those with gluten allergies.

Check out the recipe complete with step-by-step instruction and as always photos for even the greenest Greenhorn Gourmet!

Click this link for Recipe #28: Homemade "Pop Tarts"

About Holli Mayer & The Greenhorn Gourmet
Holli started with various dinner foods, then expanded to pastas and breads, gaining badges of honor with cuts & burns, destroying kitchen utensils and developing a much better appreciation of the challenges faced in the kitchen. Holli wants to create a healthier kitchen for everyone within a reasonable budget. She thinks even the greenest greenhorn can create anything they've eaten at a restaurant with ease. She believes that anything processed or packaged is not insurmountably impossible to create from scratch. In fact, it should be created from scratch without all the harsh preservatives, chemicals, flavoring and who knows what else.

Holli Mayer's talents go beyond the kitchen. She is attaining a degree in chemistry and she is also a well-established illustrator and photographer. Holli is a true renaissance woman and an inspiration to aspiring cooks everywhere. Look out Julia, here comes Holli Mayer and the Greenhorn Gourmet!

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