Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In A World Where Gay Is Normal, Ashley Is Different.

This film will be featured at the Atlanta Film Festival 2011.
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Imagine a world where everyone was gay and everyone had two mommies and two daddies and it was taboo to be heterosexual. That is the concept behind Wingspan Pictures' latest project entitled Love Is All You Need?. It's a life lesson about ignorance and intolerance. The story follows young Ashley as she tries to come to terms with her heterosexuality under constant ridicule and bullying.

The concept is intriguing. It may not change the die-hard's opinion, but this could be a way to fight some of the apathy from others that allows for the ignorance and hatred to continue in our society. It will get those not in the debate to discuss the subject of one's sexuality. I think this could be a real eye-opener for some people who haven't taken the time to consider this issue. Check out a sneak peak of Director, Kim Rocco Shields' vision below.

Love Is All You Need? is now being submitted to festivals all over the world, in hopes of bringing social change through media.

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Like this idea? Wingspan Pictures is looking for interested financiers to show the world this concept through a theatrical version.
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