Friday, May 13, 2011

Tone Def Poetry Jam - The Daily Show

Common reads poetry & Fox does it again. How paranoid and scared do you have to be to consider all rap or hip-hop violent? I guess you just have to be an anchor like Hannity. Hannity is such a scared little man. It always amazes me that a lot of men watch cry-babies like Beck and wimps like Hannity. I understand the attraction to all the bubble-headed female anchors, but how do you align yourself with these other clowns and still retain any masculinity or self-respect. How can you not hear that squeaky little voice and not laugh. As Hannity gets more and more frightened and upset, it goes higher and higher.

When will people finally call Fox News what it truly is — a giant TMZ run by an equally giant-sized douche bag (see Roger Ailes). Harvey can only dream.

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