Monday, October 24, 2011

There's An App For That (!?) - This Phrase Takes A Whole New Meaning With SIRI On The iPhone 4S!

My brother's new iPhone 4S is equipped with the new SIRI app that allows users to ask any (and i mean any) question you want in plain language and retrieve an answer almost immediately. We tried a lot of questions, but this one is so apt for the upcoming Halloween season I had to post this picture. SIRI is very thorough and detailed in her answers. If you have one of these iPhone's ask SIRI "Do you use Windows?" for a good laugh and fitting tribute to Steve Jobs.
Tony Soprano would be very proud of Steve Jobs.
Photo: ©2011 Brendan Wayne and David La Cava. All Rights Reserved. SIRI, iPhone, the iPhone screen and user interface are all property, patented materials and trademarks of Apple, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Not responsible for third-party content.

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