Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Is Herman Cain Smoking? - Putney Swope develops campaign for Cain 2012 Election.

A nice lesson in appropriate advertising. It's okay to be funny, amateurish and a little weird for a lot of products — kids' toys and food, comedy concerts or films, beer commercials, condom commercials to name a few. Even some political ads have used humor, but there was usually a poignant or ironic message to it and the successful ones were not for candidates, but some kind of message or proposition. The ones for candidates have usually left them looking foolish or not serious. I don't know if it is a good idea when you are running for public office, let alone the presidency, to not look like a serious candidate. Hermain Cain's campaign thinks different (not in a good Steve Jobs sort of way, either). Check out this campaign ad from August from the Cain Campaign's YouTube site entitled "He Carried Yellow Flowers":

WTF?!?!? I didn't get if it was a farce or what. I get the idea behind it, but the delivery and execution were horrible. There has to be a better way to deliver this tired old message about empty slogans, teleprompters, etc. without wasting money and time producing some rinky-dink amateur hour commercial like this. It doesn't even communicate it's message or punchline very effectively.

Is this how Herman Cain is going to run the country? He can't even execute a proper delivery of his message to the public. Can you imagine him in the executive branch? Is this how he wants to spend our resources? For example, he will develop programs to build half-ass equipment and weapons for the military and recruit sub-standard cadets, just like he recruited B actors, writers and producers for his commercials. What is up with this Cain 2012 Campaign? Who is running this thing...... oh, wait here he is now (watch the video below):

What are they smoking over at the Cain campaign? They better check the cigarette that Chief of Staff, Mark Block is smoking? It's like the team at Truth & Soul, Inc. are the agency of record on this one. From a marketing and positioning point of view it is unclear what they are trying to communicate other than, "We are Herman Cain, We are Very Odd and We are Desperate Amateurs."

In case you haven't seen some of Putney Swope's work while at Truth & Soul, Inc., here is a sample from the 60's below for zit cream:

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