Monday, November 7, 2011

OWS & DOMA Might Share A Position - Kardshian Cuts Her Trip Short Over Wedding Woes. BFD.

The Kardashian's fame has always been a mystery to me. Their father was a slimeball lawyer who may or may not have removed evidence in the form of luggage and clothing from the OJ Simpson investigation and the mother remarried one-time Olympic champion, Bruce Jenner. Bruce Jenner being the only one in the family with a truly honorable accomplishment.

Then you have the three little princesses who have accomplished nothing much in life except extra buttocks and plastic surgery galore. With all the opportunities and resources at their fingertips for higher education or philanthropy gone to waste, the Kardashians have found themselves a place in the Paris Hilton niche. I don't normally pay attention to any of these spoiled dilettantes, since there fame is usually not long-lived and often ends tragically. For example, Marie Antoinette and the rest of her dissolute friends became the poster children for inheritance taxes and the eradication of royal families, courts and the monarchy. We all know how tragic their final chapter was (see, French Revolution). Check out the poor little rich girl "news" piece below about poor Kim having to cut her free luxury trip short because people are criticizing her. Poor little con-artist....

I wouldn't normally waste the time with these douche bags, but this recent sham marriage hits on every culture war and wedge issue. Kim Kardashian's $18,000,000 marriage of 72 whole days represents an affront to three major movements in the country: Marriage Equality, DOMA and The Occupy Movement. It should be called, "The Bernie Madoff of Marriages." It is very odd that these sham celebrity marriages are not as devoutly and gregariously abhorred as same-sex marriages from the hyper-religious in this country. Why is there not an uproar over the Kardashian and other celebrity marriages that are merely PR tricks for monetary gain? Where is the Defense Of Marriage Act for these fraudulent contracts that tear at morality? After all, being the litigious country we were founded to be shouldn't the criminal justice system step in and investigate this marriage contract as fraudulent and pursue criminal charges against the couple who conspired to receive gifts and other monetary gains under false pretenses with malicious intent?

The Occupy Movement should be up in arms since this $18,000,000 wedding is an affront to the 99% and their cause. The Kardashian's are a prime example of that 1% of society that benefits heavily from their position only without any accomplishment other than being born wealthy. These people get paid millions and have everything given to them for free simply because they are born a Kardashian or a Hilton.

It is ridiculous!!! This is why I often laugh when they call themselves job creators. They don't pay for most of the shit they get!! They are ultra-wealthy freeloaders. No wonder they are able to afford all this luxury and still have all their money. They don't pay for anything. People are bailing them out everyday when they don't need it much like our friends at the banks.

OWS protestors and the religious right should carry signs with the faces of these charlatans and thieves who are stealing from the moral fabric of our society if they truly believe in their cause and want to deliver a fair message to the world. The Marriage Equality should also carry signs with the Kardashians asking, "Why the hypocracy?"

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