Thursday, December 8, 2011

Perry Strong (and dumb) - Perry attacks gays in the military while wearing jacket from Brokeback Mountain

Besides the illogical argument and the paranoid conspiracy theory, the best part about this video is that Rick Perry is wearing a jacket similar to Heath Ledger's character in the movie, Brokeback Mountain. Maybe, it is actually a cry for help from Rick Perry to free him from his handlers and for all of us to help him come out of the closet. You know the historical pattern of these guys who are so homophobic and worried about everyone else'e personal business and what they are "getting away with" — Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, Bob Allen, Glenn Murphy, Jr. and the list goes on.

I love the circular argument that giving someone more rights by loosening government restrictions over enlistment is turned into evidence of more government restrictions on the military. Not to mention that repeal of DADT is all part of a "War On Religion" that is being waged by Obama. These guys should write fiction like they do at FoxNews.

I am not sure how Perry states with a straight (no pun) face that people/children can't celebrate openly even equates to how US troops, who voluntarily put their lives on the line everyday to protect the US Constitution, are allowed to identify themselves while in harm's way?

Rick Perry's "War On Religion" and FoxNews' "War On Christmas" argument have major flaws. It is as though every place we go after Halloween*, doesn't turn into a Christmas** factory or whatever other seasonal fantasy or tradition that retailers can exploit to move product in the 4th quarter. It is a time mostly for most children (mainly those with means) to celebrate materialistic gain and is a far cry from the real meaning behind the celebration anyway. However, the materialism is perfect for the retailer.

I rarely hear anything but Christmas songs on the retailer's sound systems during November and December. They do celebrate openly and everyone in every faith has the right to individually do so as long as it does not become a state or official government religion or harm others or destroy private property (i.e. If Rick Perry burnt a cross on some one's lawn see also, Ni**erhead).

These protections are all there in the US Constitution including the one mentioned above that everyone seems to forget about — no official/sanctioned religion. If we made prayer in school mandatory, then you would need to have every possible faith covered including religions that require long meditations or prayer 3-5 times a day. Not to mention that you would have to be OK with and allow someone from the Church of the Spaghetti Monster to practice whatever prayer tradition they might come up with that day. While we waste school time on all the hocus-pocus, when will the learning occur? Or does Perry just want a generation of children as bumbling as he is roaming the country?

There are private schools that you can go to that have specific religious traditions in their curriculum. There is always home-schooling, which is a lot more readily available to a truly dedicated parent than you think. As for Christmas, well go outside and look around and you will see Christmas in every store window you pass and every church you pass (except for the Kingdom Halls). Believe me there is more than enough Christmas present everywhere this time of year. After all, the Hollywood Christmas Parade and a myriad of others around the country all contain the name Christmas in them.

The whole point of saying 'Happy Holidays' in the first place is to save time from having to say 'Happy Thanksgiving', 'Merry Christmas' (or whatever magic you believe in — Hannukah, Kwanza, etc.) and 'Happy New Years'. It makes sense for Conservatives to embrace this phrase, since it represents a reduction in the letter & word deficit of the English language by not having to say all those other redundant phrases over and over.

Now for the proper response....

*a Pagan/Druid holiday celebrated by Rick Perry and other Christians except Mormons and Jehovah's Witness.

**another Pagan holiday set as the time of Christ's birth by the Catholic Church to ease the pagan's conversion into the Church with their historical practice of adopting local traditions into Catholic tradition.
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