Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions: Apple Store YouTube Mob

Here is an idea for a New Year's resolution....

In memory of the loss of a great American genius, Steve Jobs, and inspired by iTrevor.

Everyone should go to their nearest Apple Store and film themselves in the Apple store dancing, singing, reading poetry... whatever you do that makes you different or unique.

Then post the video to YouTube with the words "Apple Store YouTube Mob" or "Apple Store Dance" in the title and make sure to FB and Tweet it to spread the word. The more that we do, the more likely it will be a trending topic on YouTube, Twitter, etc. like a flash mob on YouTube — a YouTube Mob.

Here are two really polished dance examples....

From iTrevor:

From BucketListBoys:

Just remember to be safe: Don't harm yourself or anyone around you; Don't do anything to get arrested; Don't break or vandalize the equipment, the store or any of the Apple employees; Keep it as clean as possible so you don't get flagged; Keep it real.

Pass this on with the links to FB and Twitter below...

Go Forth and Think Different!

Videos: Courtesy of YouTube. All Rights Reserved. Not responsible for third-party content. Please practice safety and common sense when doing your videos.

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