Thursday, February 2, 2012

Autumn Song By Noelle Johnson - Dungeness Records and The Sequim Sound

There is a new wave of sound streaming out from the Northwest once again and it is not grunge revisited. Dungeness Records is producing some great new talent in Sequim, Washington. Found this latest video produced by Squared Away Cinema and debut single from Noelle Johnson titled, "Autumn Song".

Over the past few years I have noticed this outpouring of music from the areas in Washington mostly known for Forks and the Twilight series of movies and books. The sounds coming out of this region are eerily dreamy & sweet with a mix of innocence and fun flowing throughout. Add to that some funky back beats on a few of the more up tempo songs and you have yourself a new sound. My first experience with this cool new cacophony came in the form of Kory Nagler — a relatively successful musician from the area. The use of classic acoustic instruments and remnants of folk sprinkled about harken back to the early origins and the later rebirth of folk in the sixties.

The Sequim (pronounced s'quim) Sound is a pleasant mix of melodic, folksy, downhome vocals with multiple combinations of harpy harmonicas, squeaky & farty horns, plucky banjos, simple bass, clunky drums, tingly percussions, stringy & rhythmic violins or big, strummy guitar chords. It sometimes reminds me a bit of Beirut minus the muttery vocals with a more even beat and a dash more folk. This new sound coming out of Sequim definitely has a unique vibe to it. Not all the way country and not just bluegrass, it defines the entire mood of the region and might be a backlash to the popularity of Twilight that took the Dungeness and Forks area by storm the last few years.

Check out Dungeness Record's website and YouTube channel for more artists we are likely to see climbing the charts very soon.

Check out more from Kory Nagler at

Check out Noelle Johnson's Reverbnation Site.
Autumn Song
Music and Lyrics by Noelle Johnson
Produced by Dungeness Records
Video by Squared Away Cinema

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Video: Courtesy of Dungeness Records and YouTube. © 2012 Dungeness Records. All Rights Reserved. Not responsible for third-party content.

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