Friday, February 3, 2012

Poor Pee-Ple - The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi Reports

John Stewart's Daily Show fake news team is at it again. This time Aasif Mandvi reports on a new law in Florida requiring welfare recipients to take a mandatory drug test (which the recipient has to pay $30 to take out of their own empty pocket) in order to receive aid. Aasif discusses the law with a state representative and a Navy veteran who is currently raising his daughter, caring for his disabled mother and going to school for accounting and was receiving welfare. The main argument is that anyone taking taxpayer money needs to submit to a drug test, that is only if you are poor and it's welfare money — not a state representative, a city council member, the governer, a mayor, a policeman, a fireman, etc. The bulk of the budget and those taxpayer money recipients are exempt.

In the end, the law ended up costing Florida $200,000 and not saving any money. The result was very different than Governor Rick Scott's argument that welfare recipients tend to do drugs more than the general population. The result was 2% of all welfare recipients tested positive, while 9% of the general population tested positive. It was just another grand, unresearched idea with good intentions. As we all know, the best building material for the road to hell is good intentions.

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Poor Pee-Ple
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Aasif Mandvi then takes the argument to the next level and it's epic.

A federal judge has halted the mandatory drug tests for now.
Constitution: 1
Good Intentions: 0

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