Friday, March 9, 2012

Governer Chris "Fat-Ass" Christie Calls A Vet An Idiot: Follows Up With A Perfect Imitation Of Eric Cartman

Governor "Crispy Fried" Christie got into a shouting match with a Rutgers University law student at a town hall events in Florence Township, N.J yesterday. In a heated exchange with 34-year-old William Brown. Brown stated that he is unhappy with Governor Cheese Fries' plan to merge Rutgers University's Camden law school with Rowan University.

William Brown, a former Navy Seal, questioned Governor Fat-Ass' plan to merge the two South Jersey schools. As the overweight governor's blood pressure rose rather quickly since he is a fat-ass, the conversation quickly spiraled into a shouting contest and ended with the enormous governor berating Brown, who attends Rutgers-Camden. Brown tried to interrupt Christie several times before being escorted out.

As he was escorted out by two policeman, the suddenly braver and slightly larger governor said, "Let me tell you something, after you graduate from law school, you conduct yourself like that in a courtroom, your rear end's going to be thrown in jail, idiot."

The cholestoral in the governor's brain must be clogging his arteries and made him forget that this wasn't a courtroom, but a town hall meeting, so the analogy was not the best or wisest.

The governor then told the crowd, "I tried to be patient with the guy. Everytime I tried to answer he started yelling over me again. Damn man, I'm the governor can you just shut-up for a second"?

Spoken like a true authoritarian. Someone needs to remind this guy he is a public servant. The comment coming from the fat man's mouth reminded most at the town hall of South Park's Eric Cartman saying, "Respect My Authoritah".

Sounds like the grotesque governor doesn't realize his position is elected and he may be getting too big for his britches — physically and metaphorically.

Most of the meeting was spent talking up growth in his state a lot of which is due to ARRA (commonly known as the dreaded Stimulus) and the steady rise & stabilization in the economy as a whole over the last three years.

Minutes after being escorted out of the meeting, Brown was quoted as saying, "I was never any threat, I never said anything that was threatening. I was advocating for Rutgers-Camden and for working families in south Jersey."

Please note that normally I wouldn't resort to name-calling, but I think Governor Hippo deserves a little of the same lack of respect that he gave to veteran, William Brown. I think it would be cool to put them in a boxing ring together and let them just go at each other. See how tough the overweight governor thinks he really is after that.

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