Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Trumps Go On Shooting Spree In Africa - A Lesson In Douche Baggery

The Trump Boys are hunters now. In obvious attempts to overcome physical or mental shortcomings in their life, Donald Trump's sons are turning to big game hunting in Africa. The two boys went on Safari (elitist douche bag for hunting) last year and went on a killing spree of elephants, crocodiles, water buffalo, leopard and antelope. See slideshow of trophies below:

This immediately made me feel sorry for the animals, as well as, the majestic beasts whom the Trump animals killed. I also started to think to myself, "you know what they say about serial killers starting with animals."

Definitely, these two are perfect candidates for the 'serial killer' bug with their broken homes, overbearing parents and obvious lack of morals & decency. Combine that with the obvious boredom and lack of real accomplishment (or the drive to accomplish anything) in their sheltered, privileged lives. It makes me feel even sorrier for the Trump Boys mental state and makes me think this is just another incidence of the Trump's age old practice of douche baggery.

Here is their dad commenting on the Safari. He is definitely not a hunter:

When will the Trumps or children of wealth in general finally realize that Douche Baggery is a waste of their position in society. Where is the responsibility that comes with that position and is owed to it. Since they have the access and the time, they should pursue causes and educate themselves in matters that better themselves and society — in the arts, the sciences and the humanities. They should be the innovators in medicine, or technology, or space, etc. The children of today's wealthy class would benefit by becoming more like two of our wealthiest presidents, Washington and Jefferson, or statesmen like Franklin, who were all men of learning with a keen sense of larger societal principals. They may have hunted in their time, but I bet even they would see the futility of a Safari in the modern world.

Maybe the Trump Boys could have spent their time and resources in Africa tracking down Joseph Kony instead. That would have showed some real grit over a Safari anyway. Maybe they could have followed up with investigating their Dad's allegations against President Obama and prove once and for all (for the Trumps only of course) that he is a native US Citizen. After all The Donald did say he had that damning evidence.

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