Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sarah Nicole Wallace Music Video - A Woman Above It All

Sarah Nicole Wallace Performing Live
I am not sure how I missed this music video, but it just came on my radar. Video from Sarah Nicole Wallace for Woman Above It All as discussed on Killer Sausage back in 2010 in The Next Edie Brickell? - Sarah Nicole Wallace. Sorry to Sarah Wallace, fell asleep at the wheel on this one.

Check out Sarah's music and art at the links below. For now check out the
video below for Woman Above It All and visit & subscribe to Sarah's YouTube Channel at snwallace79. There are more videos of live performances available there as well.

Music & Lyrics: Sarah Nicole Wallace
Producers: Justin Dean and Chung An
Director: Justin Dean
Cinematographer: Jefferson K. Loftfield
Editor: Peter Marshall Smith

Official Sarah Nicole Wallace Website
Sarah Nicole Wallace on iTunes.
Sarah Nicole Wallace on Facebook and MySpace.

Video: Courtesy of YouTube and Justine Dean Director. © 2010 Sarah Nicole Wallace. All Rights Reserved. Not responsible for third-party content.

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