Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Veteran Puts Mitt Romney Under Fire - ABC News

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Missed this clip from the GOP campaign trail at the end of last year. Thought it pretty much sums up all the SNAFU's in Romney's campaign. Candidate Romney eager for a media opportunity with a vet (as most politicos are) rushes over to the wrong vet who challenges him on not only his DOMA stance, but his draft-dodging
as well. Romney and the Vietnam Veteran are both the same age and Romney didn't serve in Vietnam. Mitt Romney tells the vet he was on his "Mormon Mission"in Europe at the time. Mitt Romney's father, Governer of Michigan, the late George Romney, backed the Vietnam war movement, but then later waffled on it during his presidential campaign in 1968, saying he was "brain-washed". George Romney's campaign was riddled with gaffs similar to the Mitt Romney's current campaign — mostly due to missteps and boners by the candidates themselves. Check out this doozy:

Even the random veteran in a coffee shop needs to be vetted. Love that the veteran says, "Good luck, Governor... you're gonna need it." around 2:16.

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