Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is this another hit song from... Jesus? - From The Redneck Diaries Series

Christian Child Sings 'Homo' Song In Church, Will Encore With 'N-Word' Song Next Week.

Cue intro from his grace, the Reverend Doctor Billy Bob John Thomas, III:

"Amen and all that magic stuff to everybody as I hold these snakes while speaking in tongues as my sister wives sing, "do, da-do, da-do, do, do, do, doo"!.

We are gathered here to listen as this wonderful child of 'Gawd' sings us a lovely song about the damnation of the faggot homos that I hate so much to love watching on my internets box thing... err... uhh... Bring on the song Billy Bob Joe Bob, Jr.!"

And cue this little treasure who's many sister-aunts and brother-uncles are members of this right and true Christian congregation... role tape:

How precious! Reminds me of 1940's Germany as we all watched those cute little smiling boys in the Nazi uniforms march for the Hitler Youth or as Glenn Beck calls it, the good old days.

This is why faith and/or more positive philosophies in the world get a bad wrap. This is why organized religion is becoming more exclusionary and why agnosticism and atheism is on the rise. Well actually, things like this plus the Inquisition, Nazi Christianity, Jim Jones, David Karesch, The KKK, Female Mutilations, Male Circumcision, Al Quaeda, Glenn Beck, Focus On the Family, James Dodson, Anthony Perkins, Suicide Bombs, Genocide, 9/11, The Dark Ages, The Middle Ages, Centuries Of Protestant vs Catholic Wars, The Crusades, Witch Trials, Slavery, Ignorance, Torture, Greed, etc. The list is endless and filled with horrible acts all in the name of God, Jesus, Allah and the like.

Even genocide is mandated by law in the Torah/Old Testament when defeating an enemy. When King Saul does not follow through and shows mercy to a defeated enemy, his sons are cursed by God to never take the throne (King David takes the throne instead). Since the Torah, Bible and Quran all originate from the same Abrahamic traditions, philosophies and the same founder, Abraham, they all contain the same conflicting horrible passages and laws allowing and sometimes demanding things like genocide and murder.

Jesus actually rebelled against all that, but his words have been drowned out by men who rose up after his death like the Roman "convert" Paul. Paul was a very pagan, former Roman thug who killed and loved killing for the Roman Empire. That is until he saw the seachange coming in the Empire. Like a true politic tactician, he flipped sides, took his extreme views and twisted a message of Peace and Love into everything he thought to be true — misogyny, homophobia, racism, paranoia, etc. Imagine following the likes of the UniBomber — some guy constantly writing crazy rants (letters) for everyone to read. It would be as crazy as someone forming a religion from my blog posts or other bloggers or maybe some science-fiction book that was written by a mediocre science-fiction writer (Scientology, if you didn't know).

It would be as crazy as following some guy, who after selling snake oil and being chased out of every town he entered for scams and cons, comes out of a cave after a bender and tells his followers (or marks) that he had a vision of an ancient Native-American chief's son who handed him two gold plates to read describing the life of Jesus in the new world. Its secrets include among other things, the exact description of God as a 6' 2" tall man living on a distant planet, who is granting every faithful MALE follower/priesthood holder* of the Mormon faith their own planet on which to join all their many wives and children in the after life.

Yes, no wonder people step away from organized religion all the time or jump from religion to religion. All this stuff is about as believable as a fairy tale. However, their is the one thing that everyone can get from all religions without following unholy, ridiculous, man-made laws. There is a message that is universal, even in Hinduism, Bhuddism, Scientology, Islam, Wicca, Mormonism, etc. That message is all about Kharma or an idea that what you put out into the world or universe will be received back in kind. Jesus really did sum up this principle well and said it was the only one you need to follow. It has been called the Golden Rule and Jesus clearly states is the only commandment to follow. This eventually pissed off the Romans and the established religion for the area, Judaism. It put this one law above all of the Roman and Judaic law. As with many before him, the powers that be disposed of him and stole his message and either twisted it or even ignored it in some cases.

The law was pretty good, though. It was so simple, yet covers a complex of questions and actions that everyone chooses each day.

It is one of the best descriptions of the complex idea of Kharma — "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Talk about reducing something to its simplest concept. If he was in advertising, Jesus would have won a Lifetime Achievement Addy Award for that line of copy. It really sums up everything pretty neatly and I wish everyone followed it when it was preached by Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Theresa and many more over the centuries. I especially wish that the preacher in this church had preached it as well.

*Of course you couldn't be a priesthood holder in the Mormon Church or LDS if you were of African decent because you were marked 'black' by God with sin. That didn't change until 1978, about ten years after the US civil rights law was passed.

Update 5-31-2012:

This is the same town where a 15-year old boy was bullied to the point of suicide in September 2010. Read the full story here.

The church is the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church in Greensburg, Indiana run tax-free by Pastor Jeff Sangl (on stage with the child). Drop them a line and read their statement on their home page.

For those of you that don't think this affects you, just remember that song can be sung the same way it was during the Civil Rights movement replacing the word, "homo" with whomever they want to persecute that day — catholics, jews, mormons, minorities, etc. Might not be today, but they may come for you one day. Kharma and food for thought.

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