Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take A Leap! - Introducing "The Leap" From Leap Motion

Minority Report Here We Come!

A giant leap forward in interactivity and organic computing. Kiss Carpal Tunnel Syndrome goodbye. This device is a game changer. I am surprised that Apple or Microsoft (Kinect) did not develop this application first or at least incorporate it into their product lines. Just think if you could take your futuristic iPhone 5, tap an app and place it face-up, flat on the desk and use it like this device. The fact that Microsoft already has the technology, patents and products in place to create something like this and hasn't amazes me.

Oh well, Leap Motion deserves great praise for getting this to market and at $70 it costs as much as Apple's Magic Mouse, Touchpads and other peripherals, but it is lightyears ahead of all those. If you haven't already, check out the video above yourself. This thing is going to really propel VR, touch and immersion interactivity app development through the roof. Singularity here we come!

Video: Courtesy of YouTube and Leap Motion. © 2012 Leap Motion. All Rights Reserved. Not responsible for third-party content.

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