Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney: "F**k The Poor, Let's Start A War!" Speech At GOP Fundraiser

Mother Jones has released the full 46-minute speech by Mitt Romney at his $50,000 per plate fundraiser for his already more than wealthy campaign held at the estate of hedge fund manager Mark Leder in Boca Raton — Mark Leder is known for his wild sex parties.

This is the same dinner where Romney generalizes about Obama's voting base and a huge percentage of the country. He claims 47% of the voting public are "people who don't pay taxes" and "feel entitled to government handouts" and then questions their level of "personal responsibility". Most of this 47% of the voting public who support Obama are veterans, seniors, women, middle-class, working poor who sometimes work two or three jobs — or are people who were laid off in the turmoil of 2008 after 7 years of failed Bush policies and they have been taking work when they can and surviving.

Part One

Part Two

That comment is the beginning of the latest argument in the GOP campaign of a country of "makers" and "takers." Everyone should read Michael Grunwald's article in Monday's Time Magazine on exactly how we are all subsidized everyday by the government for what most would consider daily necessities. We are all makers and takers.

Romney states that "American Strength, American Resolve" is all that is need to solve any and every foreign policy problem. Doesn't Mitt "Small Government" Romney realize that the military and defense is almost 60% of the budget currently and making that bigger means more government and more of our revenue going down an endless federal moneypit like Homeland Security or The Pentagon?

Also, 'American Resolve' is the buzzword for the kind of resolve placed on the backs of the mostly middle-class to poor enlistees. There is a sprinkling of wealthier cadets who mostly become officers in the armed forces and their service is equally valid while in combat posts. Seems like Mitt is ever so eager to send our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters in to harms way on a dime. Seems a little to eager for a guy who ditched the draft in Vietnam and never served in the military. Romney ditched the draft to go to Paris on a Mormon mission (most of my Mormon friends rode their bikes through our neighborhoods and local neighboring communities for their mission). Romney's five sons and his Vice-presidential candidate have never served even when they were all in the age range to serve in the 1990 Iraq War & the younger ones in the 2000 Iraq/Afghan Wars. Even though he took 5 student deferments until being ousted from selective service for asthma, the only candidate on either ticket who has a son who actually served in combat is Joe Biden's son. In case you want to say it, Obama didn't serve either, but he didn't dodge the draft since that wasn't in place in 1980 when he signed up for selective service.

One of the wait staff must have placed the camera there. It looks like it is on a service table or area. Listen and decide for yourself with whom you think he stands.

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