Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Campaign Reform Now - Congressman Pitches Campaign Donor's Product By Insulting 4-Star General

Another reason why we need to really reform campaign fundraising and lobbying....

In an effort to draw attention to himself to score political points and satisfy donors and lobbyists, junior Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. has repeatedly accused the Army of failing to provide Soldiers with the latest intelligence processing technology. He's obviously shilling for the company he references, Palantir.

Rather than compete for work like all other commercial product providers, Palantir spends nearly $600,000 per year lobbying Congress to force the Army to buy their product.

Here's Palantir's chief lobbyist, Terry Paul campaigning for Junior. Paul is a close Hunter family friend and has donated thousands to Hunter's campaigns.

From General Odierno's response, it's pretty clear that he has had enough of the Congressman's nonsense. See what Mr. Hunter doesn't want you to know about his connections to the Palantir lobby.

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